The University on World Environment Day (June 05, 2010) decided to earmark those areas of rich biodiversity in the Campus as the ‘Live Laboratory of the School’ and named as ‘Jeevaka’. The decision was based on the study report of the students of the School on the biodiversity and eco sensitive areas of the campus. The School can use the area for its study/research programmes like

  1. Habitat conservation model within the University Campus

  2. Conservation of watershed, micro-habitats and related biodiversity within the campus

  3. Potential and accessible area for systematic and periodic studies on vegetation and other species dynamics

  4. Ideal habitats for learning and experimenting ecology, field biology aspects and techniques within the campus

  5. Potential area for practicing taxonomic studies, biodiversity inventories, studies on phyto-sociology, insect-plant associations, soil chemistry, water quality, micro flora and fauna, etc