Dr. E. V. RAMASAMY, Professor

School of Environmental Sciences
Mahatma Gandhi University, PD Hills (PO)
Kottayam - 686 560 , Kerala, India
Faculty of Environmental and Atmospheric Sciences
Mahatma Gandhi University, PD Hills (PO)
Kottayam - 686 560 , Kerala, India

Education: MTech (IIT-Kharagpur);  PhD (Pondicherry University)

Area of Specialization: Environmental Biotechnology

Research Interests: Waste Management; Soil Carbon Dynamics ; Wastewater Treatment; Vermitechnology;  Bioremediation; Microbial Fuel Cells; Microplastics

Google Scholar Citation Index

Citations   –   1257

h – index   –   19

i10 – index –  36

Thesis Supervision

PhD  :

Awarded              : 11
Submitted            : 01
Currently Registered : 07
MSc / MPhil theses   : 40 (Completed)

Technical Publications : 110

Books                                                                 : 03 (One from Orient long man) 

Papers in  international journals                 : 40

Indian Journals and Chapters in Books     : 17

Proceedings of International Conferences : 21

Proceedings of  National Conferences         : 29

Books : 03

1 ) S. A. Abbasi and E.V.Ramasamy (1999) Biotechnological methods of pollution control , Orient Longman (Universities Press India Ltd.) Hyderabad, 168 pages. ISBN 81 7371 098 8

2 ) S. A. Abbasi and E.V.Ramasamy (2001) Solid waste management with earthworms. Discovery Publishing House, New Delhi, 178 pages. ISBN 81- 7141-587-3

3) Tasneem Abbasi, Khan FI, E.V.Ramasamy ,Abbasi SA (2013). Regional EIA and Risk Assessment in a Fast Developing Country ,. Nova Science Publishers, Inc. New York, 437 pages. ISBN 978-1- 61942-234-6

Edited Book : 01

1) Applied Disaster Research – Disaster, Risk and Vulnerability Conference 2011. A.P.Pradeepkumar, F.J. Behr, E.V.Ramasamy (Eds.) Proceedings of Disaster, Risk and Vulnerability Conference, March 12-14, 2011, Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam. P.267  ISBN No. 978-3-943321-03-6. Greenlabs India.

Recent Research papers (Selected)

1)  Sruthi, S. N., & Ramasamy, E. V. (2018). Enrichment of soil organic carbon by native earthworms in a patch of tropical soil, Kerala, India: First report. Scientific reports (Nature publishing group), 8(1), 5784. IF: 4.122

2) Sruthi, S. N., Shyleshchandran, M. S., Mohan, M., & Ramasamy, E. V. (2018). Distribution of priority pollutants in the sediment of Vembanad Estuary, Peninsular India. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 133, 294-303. IF : 3.241

3) Shyleshchandran, M. N., Mohan, M., & Ramasamy, E. V. (2018). Risk assessment of heavy metals in Vembanad Lake sediments (south-west coast of India), based on acid-volatile sulfide (AVS)-simultaneously extracted metal (SEM) approach. Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 25(8), 7333-7345. IF : 2.8

4)  P.Padma, E.V.Ramasamy, T.V.Muralivallabhan,  A.P.Thomas  (2018). Changing scenario of household consumption pattern in Kerala : An emerging consumer state in India. Soc. Ind. Res. (2018). 135 : 797-812. IF : 1.648

5 ) S. Sruthy and E. V. Ramasamy (2017). ‘ Microplastic pollution in Vembanad Lake, Kerala, India: The first report of microplastics in lake and estuarine sediments in India’, Environmental Pollution (Elsevier) 222 (2017) 315-322. IF : 4.358

6 ) Ramasamy EV, Jayasooryan KK, Shylesh Chandran MS, Mahesh Mohan (2017).  Total and Methyl Mercury in the Water, Sediment and Fishes of Vembanad, a Tropical Backwater System, India, Environmental Monitoring and Assessment. Vol 189 (130), 2017. IF : 1.804

7) Arunbabu, V., Indu, K. S., & Ramasamy, E. V. (2017). Leachate pollution index as an effective tool in determining the phytotoxicity of municipal solid waste leachate. Waste Management, 68, 329-336. IF : 4.723

8 ) Sruthi S Nair, M. S. Shyleshchandran, Sunil Paul Mathew and E. V. Ramasamy (2016).  Contamination from organochlorine pesticides (OCPs) in agricultural soils of Kuttanad agroecosystem in India and related potential health risk. Environ Sci Pollut Res (Springer) DOI 10.1007/s11356-016-7834-3(2016) IF : 2.8

9 ) Sajithkumar K.J, Vaisag and E. V. Ramasamy (2015). Moringa oleifera (Drum Stick Vegetable Fibre) Based Nanocomposites with Natural Rubber: Preparation and Characterizations. Waste Biomass Valor
DOI 10.1007/s12649-016-9499-z IF : 1.874

10)  Sajithkumar K.J and E. V. Ramasamy (2015). Greywater Treatment with Simultaneous Generation of Energy Using Low-Cost Microbial Fuel Cells. Environmental Research, Engineering and Management , 71(3), 5-12.ISSN 1392-1649 (print) Aplinkos tyrimai, inžinerija ir vadyba.

11 ) Arunbabu,V, S. Sruthy, Ignatius Antony, E.V. Ramasamy (2015). Sustainable greywater management with Axonopus compressus(broadleaf carpet grass) planted in sub surface flow constructed wetlands. Journal of Water Process Engineering 7 (2015) 153–160. http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.jwpe.2015.06.004 2214-7144/© 2015 Elsevier Ltd. IF : 1.36

12) Ignatius Antony, Arun Babu V, Neethu Joy and E.V. Ramasamy (2014). Rhizofiltration of lead using an aromatic medicinal plant Plectranthus amboinicus cultured in a hydroponic nutrient film technique (NFT) system, Environ Sci Pollut Res (Springer) 21:13007–13016 (2014). IF : 2.8

13 ) Mahesh Mohan , M S Shylesh Chandran ,K K Jayasooryan and E V Ramasamy (2014). Mercury in the sediments of Vembanad Lake, western coast of India, Environ Monit Assess. (Springer), DOI 10.1007/s10661-014-3620-1.  IF : 1.8

14 ) Ramasamy E.V, A.Toms, C.M.S Shylesh, K.K jayasooryan, M.Mahesh (2012). Mercury fractionation in the sediments of Vembanad wetland, west coast of India, Environmental Geochemistry and Health (Springer), 34:575–586 , DOI 10.1007/s10653-012-9457-z.  IF: 2.994

15)  Chandran, M. S., Sujatha, S., Mohan, M., Julka, J. M., & Ramasamy, E. V. (2012). Earthworm diversity at Nilgiri biosphere reserve, Western Ghats, India. Biodiversity and conservation, 21(13), 3343-3353. IF : 2.828

16) Mohan, M., Augustine, T., Jayasooryan, K. K., Chandran, M. S., & Ramasamy, E. V. (2012). Fractionation of selected metals in the sediments of Cochin estuary and Periyar River, southwest coast of India. The Environmentalist32(4), 383-393.

17) Mahesh Mohan , M. Deepa, E.V. Ramasamy and A. P. Thomas (2011). Accumulation of mercury and other heavy metals in edible fishes of Cochin backwaters, Southwest India , with Mahesh Mohan , M. Deepa and A. P. Thomas.   Environ Monit Assess. (Springer), DOI 0.1007/s10661- 011-2258-5, IF – 1.4, ISSN: 0167-6369. IF : 1.8

18 ) Anitha, K, Shijo Joseph , Robert John Chandran d, E.V. Ramasamy, S. Narendra Prasad (2010).Tree species diversity and community composition in a human-dominated tropical forest of Western Ghats biodiversity hotspot, India , Ecological Complexity (Elsevier), 7 , 217–224 . IF : 1.634

19 ) Bindu, T., Sumi, M. M., & Ramasamy, E. V. (2010). Decontamination of water polluted by heavy metals with Taro (Colocasia esculenta) cultured in a hydroponic NFT system. The Environmentalist30(1), 35-44.

20 ) Bindu,T., Sylas, V.P., Mahesh, M., Rakesh, P.S. and E.V. Ramasamy (2008). Pollutant removal from domestic wastewater with Taro (Colocasia esculenta) planted in a subsurface flow system, Ecological Engineering (Elsevier), 33, 68-92, , ISSN: 0925-8574. IF - 3.023

Research Group:

Consists One DST- National Post Doctoral Fellow (NPDF) ,PhD Scholars and Project fellows.


Research collaborations:  

Brown University (USA) – under Singh-Obama 21st Century  Knowledge Initiative program 

University of West of England – for Microbial Fuel Cell research (On the anvil)

ISRO – Network project on Vegetation Carbon Pool , (IIRS – as  the coordinator)

Research projects (Ongoing and Completed): ELEVEN projects worth Rs. 92 Lakhs

1. ‘Earthworm species diversity studies at Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve’ ( MoEF funded , Rs. 5.78 Lakhs) - (Completed)

2. ‘Municipal Solid Waste Management with high-solid anaerobic digestion and vermitechnology ‘ ( UGC funded , Rs. 10.08 Lakhs )

3. ‘A comparative assessment, mapping, and modeling of Soil erosion in the upland sub-water sheds of Meenachil and Manimala Rivers’ (WGDP 3.86)(Completed)

4. ‘Chemical transformation and bioaccumulation of mercury in Vembanad wetland and Cochin near shore areas’ (MoES funded, 64.39 Lakhs) Report is ready for submission.

5. ‘ National vegetation carbon pool assessment ’ ( Department of Space, GOI funded 5.12 lakhs ) – a prestigious National project undertaken in collaboration with ISRO, Department of Space, GOI (Completed).


Six minor projects (Total outlay of Rs.3.25 Lakhs) funded by Dept. of Environment  & Climate Change (Govt of Kerala)

Visiting Positions:

• External Examiner for MTech (Environmental Engineering) program of Pondicherry University

• PhD adjudicator and Viva-voce examiner for several universities, India

• Resource person to UGC – sponsored refresher courses conducted by various Human Resource Development Cells (HRDC) of different Universities, India

Visiting Positions:

• External Examiner for MTech (Environmental Engineering) program of Pondicherry University

• PhD adjudicator and Viva-voce examiner for several universities, India

• Resource person to UGC – sponsored refresher courses conducted by various Human Resource Development Cells (HRDC) of different Universities, India

Other Research Experiences (Within or abroad India):

• Post Doctoral Fellow at Pondicherry University

Any Other Relevant Career Information:

• Member, State Waste Management Policy Committee , Suchitwa Mission Local Self Government Department (LSGD), Govt. of Kerala (October 2012 - )

• Member, Technical Committee, Suchitwa Mission, Local Self Government Department (LSGD), Govt. of Kerala (October 2011 - )

• Member , 12th Five Year Plan - Working Group on Environment (Sub-Committee) , State Planning Board, Govt. of Kerala (October, 2011)

• Member, Governing Body, Executive Committee , Scientific and Academic Council, Institute for Climate Change Studies (ICCS), Department of Environment, Govt. of Kerala (2017 - )

• Member, IQAC, Mahatma Gandhi University (2017- )

• Member, Academic Council, Mahatma Gandhi University (2009- 2012)

• Member, Academic Council, Mahatma Gandhi University (2017- )

• Coordinator , DST-FIST program, School of Environmental Sciences, MGU

• Adjunct Faculty, IUIC (Inter University Instrumentation Center)

• Member - Board of Studies University of Kerala , Thiruvananthapuram (2009-2012)Bharathidasan University, Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu (2009-2012) Pondicherry University (2017- )

• Chairman , Board of Studies in Environment Science ,Mahatma Gandhi University (2017 - )

• Member, Selection Committee of positions in Universities, Research Institutes (2011- )


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