a) Ongoing Research Programmes:

Sl. No. Title of the project and duration Funding Agency
1 National Vegetation Carbon Pool – Kerala Region Indian Institute of Remote Sensing, Dehradun, ISRO, Department of Space, Govt. of India, New Delhi
2 Studies on the earthworm species diversity at different forest ecosystems of Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve (NBR) Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF), GOI, New Delhi
3 Chemical transformation and Bioaccumulation of mercury in Vembanad wetland and Cochin near shore areas Ministry of Earth Sciences (MoES), GOI, New Delhi
4 Municipal Solid waste management with high-soild digestion technology and vermicomposting University Grants Commission (UGC) New Delhi
5 A Comparative Assessment, Mapping and Modelling of Soil erosion in the Upland Sub-watersheds of Meenachil River Western Ghats Cell, Planning & Economic Affairs Dept., Govt. of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram
6 Assessment of Explosive weed growth, their taxonomy, ecology and impact of the Kuttanad wetland ecosystem, Kerala State Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF), GOI, New Delhi
7 Assessment and mapping of riparian vegetation and its influence on the stream forms of Pamba River basin, Kerala University Grants Commission GOI, New Delhi
8 Environmental status of the Periyar river drainage system of the Western Ghat region of Kerala Western Ghats Cell, Planning & Economic Affairs, Dept., Govt. of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram
9 Development of microbial consortium to enhance the survival of the larvae of Macrobrachium rosenbergii in hatchery and growth in grow-out ponds University Grants Commission (UGC) New Delhi
10 Survival of Escherichia coli and salmonella spp in a tropical estuary DST, New Delhi
11 Oxidative DNA damage induced by reactive oxygen substances (two year) Indo-German: DST-DAAD Project
12 Pulse radiolysis of biomolecules Indo-French ARCUS Project
13 Charge transport in DNA Board of Research in Nuclear Sciences (BRNS), Bombay
14 Radiation and photochemical studies of chitosan modified polycyclicaromatic hydrocarbons (Environmental Pollutants) BRNS
15 Heavy ion induced modification of DNA and its components (Three years) DAE-IUC

b) Extension activities :

The School has launched a major extension programme known as ‘Rain water for Humanity’ in collaboration with Brown University (USA) and local panchayath, self help groups ( Through this extension programme, the School envisages to adopt small villages with an objective of providing basic amenities like drinking water and sanitation. As a part of this programme the School has installed a community rainwater harvesting structure with a capacity of 1.1 lakh liters at Achinakom Panchayath in Kuttanadu region during December 2009. It is functioning well.

c) Consultancy services:

The School is offering consultancy services in various environment management sectors like analyzing and monitoring of air, water, soil and noise, environmental impact assessment studies and EMP report preparation, urban forestry and green belt development, solid waste management, remote sensing services like satellite and aerial photo-interpretation, digital image processing, GPS surveying and digitization, geo-statistical analysis, surface modeling and analysis, sophisticated geo-processing and raster GIS modeling, customization and software development, among others.