a) Ongoing Research Programmes:

b) Extension activities :

The School has launched a major extension programme known as ‘Rain water for Humanity’ in collaboration with Brown University (USA) and local panchayath, self help groups ( Through this extension programme, the School envisages to adopt small villages with an objective of providing basic amenities like drinking water and sanitation. As a part of this programme the School has installed a community rainwater harvesting structure with a capacity of 1.1 lakh liters at Achinakom Panchayath in Kuttanadu region during December 2009. It is functioning well.

c) Consultancy services:

The School is offering consultancy services in various environment management sectors like analyzing and monitoring of air, water, soil and noise, environmental impact assessment studies and EMP report preparation, urban forestry and green belt development, solid waste management, remote sensing services like satellite and aerial photo-interpretation, digital image processing, GPS surveying and digitization, geo-statistical analysis, surface modeling and analysis, sophisticated geo-processing and raster GIS modeling, customization and software development, among others.