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Mahatma Gandhi University

Mahatma Gandhi University is one of the premier institutions for higher learning in India. It was foundered on 2nd October 1983, the 115th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, Father of the Nation, by an Act of Government of Kerala. Today, it stands foremost among the developing generation of Indian Universities, incredible in academic pursuits , modern facilities, prolific in new methods, ideas and a host to distinguished scholars.  The Institution offers a large number of programmes at the Undergraduate, Postgraduate, M Phil and Doctoral levels through its 17 University Departments, 1 International and Inter University Centre, 7 Inter University Centres, 10 Inter School Centres, 77 Govt./Aided Affiliated Colleges, 10 Autonomous Colleges (of which 8 are Colleges with a Potential for Excellence), 200 Unaided Affiliated Colleges and 199 Recognized Research Centres. It imparts education in the interdisciplinary as well as conventional disciplines of Science, Social Science and Humanities besides in the professional disciplines like Engineering, Technology, Legal Studies, Pedagogy, Pharmacy and Nursing.

School of Environmental Sciences

School of Environmental Sciences was brought into existence in 1995 as a Center of Learning in the frontier areas of Environmental Sciences. It is an effort by the University to give a new direction and dimension to fulfill the long-standing needs of the different sections of the society. The major mandate of the School is to develop appropriate technologies and skilled human resources for conservation of nature, sustainable utilization and management of natural resources for development.